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Expert Course in VFX Animation

Start your Expert in VFX Animation training today and build the confidence and skills to turn your passion into a rewarding career.

Expert Course in VFX Animation

8 Months

At Click Academy of Digital Arts, I will be your mentor for VFX animation. Here I will teach you different methodology of animation and their applications in the Production of Movies, TV and Web series and Advertisements.

​In this Expert Course we will Cover Introduction with the students and the mentor. We will Discuss about the current scenario of the Industry and Prospects of career in animation. 

​We will understand the application of Science and maths in animation, Timing and spacing etc.
and also discuss about importance of sketching, Basic camera, principles of Photography, composition of scene and basic Acting.

​Those are Interested for join in Expert course,
every students have basic knowledge of principles of animation, fundamentals of weight and its direct relation to timing, basic bouncing, wave motion, simple jumps, poses, Expressions, Acting, basic Body Mechanics and should have sense of motion and gravity.

​Hope we will have a great time ahead. See you soon.

Course Content

  • Basic Understanding of the options of jobs and Career prospects

  • Basic understanding of Sketching, knowledge of Camera, Principles of Photography. Scene composition, Basic Acting etc.

  • Understanding of Rigs and 3D Animation, Layout

  • Application of Science and Maths in animation, Timing and Spacing in Animation, Posing and Blending of Poses in animation, Overlapping and Follow Through

  • Animation Cycles Walk, Run and Jump. Weight Lifting

  • Mechanical Animation of different Vehicles and Objects

  • Study of Anatomy and Behavior of Herbivores, Carnivores, Birds and Snakes. Their Body Mechanics and Locomotion’s

  • Quadruped Animations in Details: Walk, Run, Jump, singular and interactive actions

  • Bird Fly Cycles, Take off for fly and landing

  • Animation of Snakes and Reptiles

  • Understanding of Shoot, Footage Camera Track, Object Track and Body Track

  • Understanding Motion Capture and blending of different Motion Capture Files

  • Basic Knowledge about Production Workflow

  • Tasks and Assignments

  • Polishing and Presentation of Tasks

  • Demo reel and Resume Development​

Software Covered

  • Autodesk Maya

Expert Course in VFX Animation

Advantage of Studying in CADA Online and Offline Classes

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Course Mentor

Aniruddhya Chang

Designation :- Lead Animator

Experience :-  13 Years

Project :- Black Panther (won Oscar), Blade Runner 2049 (won Oscar), Mission Impossible 6, House  of the Dragon, Fast and Furious 9, Deadpool 2, Hercules, etc.

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Job Placement

We’ll provide full support for developing your own showreel/Demoreel.

We Don't Just Educate

We Provide 

100% Placement Assistance

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Online facilities

  • Online study Material

  • E-Tutorials

  • E-book

  • Full Time Remote Support

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100% Risk - Free

Join our online or offline courses.

You will get full support for studies and all flexibility of virtual studies.

If any reason you decide to discontinue, you will be able to get a 100% refund of your payments.

Lecture Previews

What is our course and how to learn with our Industry expert mentors

Lecture Previews Part 2

Lecture Previews Part 3

Lecture Previews Part 4

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