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Expert Course in Lighting & Compositing

Start your Expert in Lighting & Compositing training today and build the confidence and skills to turn your passion into a rewarding career.

Expert Course in Lighting & Compositing

8 Months

Course Content

Software Covered

Today Animation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India.To join this industry you need to have Creative knowledge as well as technical knowledge. I remember the time when i was doing the animation course back in 2009 there was no one to guide us about this industry and the production pipeline.

I had to struggle a lot to get the required knowledge to join a good company.Even today also most of the institute mentors are not having proper industry experience and knowledge which can help the students for a better career. We faced this problem back then and lot of students are also facing the same problem now a days.

But it is never too late, a big thanks to Click Academy for starting these industry level courses with industry Experts as Mentors.Now all the students can get the knowledge of this industry, and learn how the production
pipeline works.

In this Advanced Lighting and Compositing training you will learn all the production softwares and the tools, also you will learn the way of creating the best output in less time. After this course there will be Interview preparation and showreel development sessions  for you.We will make sure that when you go for an interview with lot of other candidates, you will be on top of the race.

  • Basics of 3D Lighting

  • Fundamentals of Lighting

  • Basics of Shading

  • Advance Shading

  • Scene Preparation and Layering

  • Lighting Exterior scene

  • Mood Lighting

  • Advance Lighting

  • Render Setup and Optimization

  • Rendering and Production Pipeline

  • Introduction to 3D Compositing ( Nuke )

  • Importing passes from Maya to Nuke

  • Color Correction and Temperature Set Depth of field, Motion Blur 

  • Volumetric lighting Advanced Compositing Creation

  • Final Output Portfolio Development 

  • Autodesk Maya

  • V-Ray & Arnold

  • RedShift

  • Nuke

Expert Course in Lighting & Comping

Advantage of Studying in CADA Online and Offline Classes

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Course Mentor

Habibul Islam

Designation :-  Lead Lighting Compositor

Experience :-  12 Years

Project :- Haunted Hollywood(Lego), Transformers Cyberverse, Taliking Tom, Wagon Pals, e.t.c.

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Job Placement

We’ll provide full support for developing your own showreel/Demoreel.

We Don't Just Educate

We Provide 

100% Placement Assistance

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Online facilities

  • Online study Material

  • E-Tutorials

  • E-book

  • Full Time Remote Support

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100% Risk - Free

Join our online or offline courses.

You will get full support for studies and all flexibility of virtual studies.

If any reason you decide to discontinue, you will be able to get a 100% refund of your payments.

Lecture Previews

What is our course and how to learn with our Industry expert mentors

Mentor introduction

Lighting Lecture Previews Part 2

Lighting Lecture Previews Part 3

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