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Expert Course in VFX

Start your Expert in VFX training today and build the confidence and skills to turn your passion into a rewarding career.

Expert Course in VFX

8 Months

VFX - Visual effects (VFX) is a term used to describe imagery created, manipulated, or enhanced for any film.

VFX is the integration between actual footage and this manipulated imagery to create realistic-looking environments for the context.

Expert Course in VFX It is totally Complete Course in Roto, Paint, and Compositing, we are going to build up the advanced skill in VFX


These environments created are either too dangerous to actually shoot, or worlds that just don’t exist. We use computer-generated imagery (CGI), and particular VFX software to make it happen.

Course Content

  • Roto in Silhouette FX

  • What is roto why we use it.

  • intro of silhouette interface

  • Roto with manual

  • Roto with track

  • Roto in Nuke

  • Intro of nuke interface

  • Roto with manual

  • Roto with track

  • What is paint why we use it.​

  • What is clean plate why we use it.

  • 2d track in details

  • 3d track in details

  • Time warping

  • Color grading

  • Edge work to reveal something

  • Basic keying 

  • Sequence paint in photoshop 

  • Sequence paint in silhouette fx​

  • Render output

  • What is composting

  • Color grading in advanced

  • Advanced Keying Techniques

  • Day to Night Conversion

  • Multiplate Compositing

  • Multipass Compositing​

Software Covered

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Nuke

  • Silhouette

Expert Course in VFX

Advantage of Studying in CADA Online and Offline Classes

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Course Mentor

Ravi Kumar Tanty

Designation :- Compositing Artist

Experience :-  11 Years

Project :- Avengers: Infinity War,X-Men: Apocalypse,Jurassic World,Transformers: Age of Extinction,Captain America: The Winter Soldier,Deadpool,Warcraft,The Fate of the Furious,Black Panther,etc.

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Job Placement

We’ll provide full support for developing your own showreel/Demoreel.

We Don't Just Educate

We Provide 

100% Placement Assistance

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Online facilities

  • Online study Material

  • E-Tutorials

  • E-book

  • Full Time Remote Support

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100% Risk - Free

Join our online or offline courses.

You will get full support for studies and all flexibility of virtual studies.

If any reason you decide to discontinue, you will be able to get a 100% refund of your payments.

Lecture Previews

What is our course and how to learn with our Industry expert mentors

Lecture Previews Part 1

Lecture Previews Part 2

Edge Work

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