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Expert Course in Feature & Gaming Animation

Start your Expert in Feature & Gaming Animation training today and build the confidence and skills to turn your passion into a rewarding career.

Expert Course in Feature & Gaming Animation

8 Months

Expert Course in Feature & Gaming Animation is one of the Expert training in our Course.

If you want to take up animation as your career, you can choose this Expert course. Because I will teach you in detail as well industries quality works also. Like what is the basic of Animation, how to increase your visualization, how to
implement that observation in your work.

We also teach you, Human body mechanics, shot planning and principles of animation will help your animation skills. Gaming pipeline, shot design, and timing all these things are also key things in this course. I think it will help you a lot.


After completion, you will be able to Join in Animation fields, such as feature films, TV series, Gaming, and films.

Course Content

  • Principles of animation Action, Planning etc.

  • Practice various kind of ball bounce Jump cycle pendulum Animation

  • Understand principles of animation Through in this work

  • Some small actions like Head Turn Sitting to Standing

  • Full body action Finger animation

  • How to body part is react through Action

  • How to block your shot

  • Full body mechanics like 180 Turn Weight Lift, Push and Pull 

  • Some Pantomime Acting also

  • Advance Body Mechanics

  • How to react eye brows eyes and lip through dialogue

  • Facial acting and lip sync 

  • Full body acting through sequence body action, facial acting and camera Cuts

  • Gaming Animation Introduction Workflow

  • Combat - animation & Rhythm Study

  • Portfolio Development

Software Covered

  • Autodesk Maya

Expert Course in Feature & Gaming Animation

Advantage of Studying in CADA Online and Offline Classes

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Course Mentor

Amit Biswas

Designation :- Gaming Animator

Experience :-  13 Years

Project :- Stinky and Dirty, Lego, Shanku Dairy, Tiger, Sabrina, Motu Patlu, The Centsables, Freej, Wendy. etc.

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Job Placement

We’ll provide full support for developing your own showreel/Demoreel.

We Don't Just Educate

We Provide 

100% Placement Assistance

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Online facilities

  • Online study Material

  • E-Tutorials

  • E-book

  • Full Time Remote Support

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100% Risk - Free

Join our online or offline courses.

You will get full support for studies and all flexibility of virtual studies.

If any reason you decide to discontinue, you will be able to get a 100% refund of your payments.

Lecture Previews

What is our course and how to learn with our Industry expert mentors

Animation Master class_Day 1

Animation Master class_Day 2

Animation Master class_Day 3

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